About CNM

CNM is an investment management and corporate advisory firm established in Hong Kong named CNM Partners Ltd. and Vietnam named CNM International Ltd.We strive to optimize the performance of our principal investments by taking a hands-on approach through a rigorous pre-investment due-diligence process and a collaborative post-investment monitoring process. Our principal investments are made on behalf of our firm’s proprietary book as well as select third-party clients. Our corporate advisory services are offered to select entities, where there is an opportunity for us to enhance the shareholder value. Our unique and disciplined investment strategy and hands-on portfolio management approach ensure measurable, lasting results, which generate significant, long-term shareholder value.

Complexities of modern investment are often beyond the grasp of even experienced investors. Multiple competing interests and increasingly busy lifestyles leave little opportunity for the time-consuming analysis and hands-on portfolio management critical to effective investing.

The task of selecting a quality investment is a daunting one. As new asset classes have evolved, there are far too many choices; information overload is a serious problem. In addition, the tactics used in marketing funds, investments, and portfolio managers are generally more confusing than enlightening;

the unfamiliar jargon and technical investing concepts can be challenging, to say the least.

This is where CNM comes into the equation. We make investment selection and ongoing monitoring as simple as possible, allowing you to make informed decisions and ask the right questions when it comes to choosing the investments that are right for you.

With a highly-experienced team of world-class financial and operational experts, CNM not only augments your financial success through strong investment performance; we also have a positive impact on the companies and assets in which we invest.
Whether it is capital or expertise that is required, our broad-base, deep-knowledge retinue of professional executives and entrepreneurs co-invest in every single deal. Our reputation – along with our capital – is always on the line, giving you the reassurance that risk is carefully calculated in both our and our clients’ interests.

CNM can also offer effective management strategies and tactics for enterprises facing multiple threats from a variety of sources: External pressures from strong competitors, tough regulators and shifting market dynamics; plus the risk of corporate damage and fragmentation from succession crises, hostile take-over bids, or business paralysis.

It is very difficult to predict where the markets are heading from one period to the next. Likewise, those familiar with the industry are aware that many funds and portfolios are passively managed. Despite often misleading advertising, many investments go up and down roughly in line with the market, or the relevant index.

However, this kind of performance is not what investors expect from an actively managed portfolio. CNM prides itself on being an extremely active investment manager. We partner with our investors AND our portfolio companies to create lasting value for all stakeholders.
At CNM , we believe in intrinsic asset fundamentals and do not subscribe to a slavish devotion to market trends or en-vogue investing. Conversely, we source out proprietary deals, which often are in “non-fashionable” sectors but hold the greatest prospects for value creation. The professionals of CNM are constantly deep into the markets of a broad category of global sectors. This allows the team to analyze and ascertain which regions and industries – across a global spectrum – will benefit the investor base the greatest. The team, with its deep experience, is then able to negotiate, structure, and grow the investments in-line with the investors’ expectations.slide12