Vietnam Energy Market is Hungry for Investments

Vietnam’s energy market is transitioning away from coal and oil, with the goal to replace existing power plants with solar and wind generating facilities. The new clean energy sector is hungry for investors, though some challenges exist. Dr. Peter Nhon Nguyen, CEO and Founder of CNM, a Vietnamese investment management and corporate advisory firm, discusses.. read more →

Vietnam Poised To Be Asia’s Next Economic Tiger

For many of my generation, Vietnam remains a complex enigma, depending on our personal experiences and memories of the country. I arrived in Vietnam in 1970 as a U.S. Army captain and was immediately overwhelmed by the country’s natural beauty and the genuine warmth and hospitality of the local Vietnamese. I was a member of.. read more →

Viet Nam: Economy

Vigorous expansion of manufacturing and construction in 2015 spurred the fastest economic growth in Viet Nam in 7 years. Foreign direct investment is seen supporting strong growth through the forecast period. Inflation will revive but remain relatively modest. The current account is forecast to slide into a small deficit. Reforms to banks and state enterprises.. read more →

Vietnam’s Economy Is an Emerging Market Standout

Entrepreneur Le Thi Hang is scouting sites to open two more convenience stores in Hanoi, encouraged by rising sales at her one-year old shop. “I don’t want to miss this chance,” said Hang, 32, who expects revenue to double this year with the expansion. Sales of food items including instant noodles, fish sauce, sugar, bread.. read more →

Viet Nam: Economy

[:en]Rising foreign direct investment helped to accelerate economic growth in Viet Nam to 6.0% in 2014. Inflation abated, and robust external accounts enabled the rebuilding of foreign reserves. Growth is forecast to edge higher again this year and next, while inflation remains relatively low. Policy challenges are to reform banks and state enterprises and to.. read more →

Asia’s About to Spawn a New Tiger Economy: Good Morning, Vietnam

(Bloomberg) — Perched along one of the world’s most crucial shipping routes, and with a young and growing population, Vietnam is — once again — being tipped for economic lift-off, after years of disappointment. read more →