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CNM is representative for financial instruments, international funds, we are able to work with all projects as detail below:

Government & Commercial Project Funding – Worldwide

Our International Financiers main areas of specialty are:

  1. Project Financing & International Finance
  2. Professional Oil Consulting (Buy & Sell)
  3. Advising & Consulting on Financial Transactions & Financial Instrument Transactions Worldwide

Our International Financiers lenders / investment is US$ 10,000,000 or EURO equivalent (per project) MINIMUM FUNDING / INVESTMENT

There is no maximum funding / investment because our International Financiers currently have access to EXCEPTIONALLY LARGE / UNLIMITED funds.

Our International Financiers are Professional Funding Arrangers and Capital Raising Practitioners for Private or Public Organizations and Industries, Corporations, Institutions, Individuals and Governments. They have been in the same business for more than 30 years.

Our International Financiers clients include Governments, politicians, Ministries, wealthy families and leaders of industry who place their trust and faith in them to maintain confidentiality which is the structure of private merchant banking and project finance arranging, which is customary in Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland and London to our International Financiers who are a full service International Financial Placement.

Our International Financiers have access to a number of funding entities who specialize in financing to Governments at all levels including major Governments, Third World Countries, African Governments, State, Municipal and City Governments.

Our International Financiers lenders / investors are particularly interested in projects which will create new employment, new skills, a better lifestyle for their families and friends, and a better cleaner / smarter world (think environmental).

Our International Financiers lenders / investors are particularly interested in providing funding / investment for the following projects:

Infrastructure Funding

  • Projects can be either BOOT (Build, Own, Operate, Transfer)
  • BOO (Build, Own, Operate)
  • BOT (Build Own, Transfer)
  • BTO (Build, Transfer, Own)
  • BT (Build, Transfer)
  • BLT (Build, Lease, Transfer)
  • BRT (Build, Rent, Transfer)
  • PPP (Public Private Partnership)

Infrastructure projects


Energy Projects

Construction, Mine and Development Real Estate


Generally, in regard to loan terms, the interest rate is LIBOR + % margin but specific terms can only ever be determined following a full review of the project requirement, the type and collateral available to secure the loan etc.


An interest free period can be requested during the early stages of the project. Our International Financiers lenders (bankers) can also provide Collateral for Project. Funding in the form of:

  • BG – Bank Guarantee
  • SBLC – Standby Letter of Credit
  • BG-SBLC Leasing
  • MTM – Medium Term Notes

For each of the above, the minimum is US$ 10,000,000 upwards.

There is ALWAYS a COST associated with doing real genuine business. Smart individuals, companies and businesses utilize “subject matter experts” consistently in order to maximize their effectiveness and avoid business decisions that could have a negative impact on their bottom line. Our International Financiers can help clients achieve success in this industry while others continue to flounder and fail.

Our International Financiers knowledge and understanding comes from many years of extensive operations worldwide. In addition, our International Financiers frequently conduct on-site due diligence and business analysis of projects around the worldwide.