Investment consultant

Drawing upon long-term experiences in managing investments: sourcing and structuring complex transactions, arranging debt and equity financing, monitoring and enhancing shareholder value, and facilitated strong exits, CNM is able to extract the maximum value for its investors and portfolio companies.

Our strategies embrace the following disciplines:

Private Equity–Venture Capital

Venture capital financing is a higher risk, higher return investment. With these investments, CNM is seeking to help an entrepreneur achieve his or her corporate strategy by investing seed, angel, or mezzanine equity capital. These investments may be in proven industries but a first-time for the entrepreneur that CNM is backing. Conversely, these investments may be in new technology, which has not been commercialized yet but has the strengths and abilities to revolution a market.

Private Equity–Growth Capital

As a private equity manager, CNM is faced with a strong incentive to earn high rates of return by increasing the value of our portfolio companies. In terms of talent, we collaborate amongst the best and the brightest in the industry.
Our private equity strategy is to invest growth capital into operating businesses at heavily discounted valuations. We are able to find these opportunities in the smaller-sized end of the market. Throughout the investment-holding period we focus on operational improvements and market growth as we work to “institutionalize” the investment. As we work with and nurture the investment, the business is able to grow to a significantly higher level of professionalism. This allows us to extract the optimum quantum of value for our investors at the time of exit.

Private Equity–Consolidations

Business consolidations of small organizations in the same industry are a great way to create and take advantage of synergies. This strategy involves the acquisition of many small companies in a similar industry in order to increase equity value for shareholders. By leveraging the strengths of each organization and crossing them over the each other CNM is able to significantly enhance value of the combined entity. Larger companies typically achieve higher valuation than smaller firms.

Private Equity–Leveraged/Management Buyouts

Buyouts are a great method of aligning all stakeholders’ interests and creating value for the long-term. The ideal scenario is to back a solid management team – whether sourced internally from the acquisition target or externally for our extensive network of relationships. In these investments not only do all investors have a stake in the investment, which aligns all interests, but also key industry experts come together to form a powerful management and financing team.
Our in-house and financial and operating experts combined with our deep network of partners have successfully and profitably run businesses in the target’s industry. CNM is able to structure transactions with debt and equity financing packages, which allow all the financiers (debt & equity) and operating managers to benefit from significant value creation as the business grows and performs under the guidance of the operating managers and NM Investments.

Private Equity–Restructuring

NM Investments, with its core strengths in operations and financing, excels in bolstering valuable companies and averting corporate crises by making significant modifications to the structure of a flailing firm. This may be a modification in the capital structure (debt or equity), the operations, or the organization structure.
CNM can work with such corporate entities whether the entity is having trouble making payments on its debt, is losing value through revenue and cost leakage or the management team is not adequately supported to execute it business plan. These organizations typically need critical assistance or else there is a large risk that an otherwise good business will be put in jeopardy.
Leveraging its experience, industry knowledge, and acquiring the necessary resources, NM Investments’ restructuring team can restore a chronically ailing company’s financial health, boost its performance, and ultimately significantly enhance its value.

Private Equity–Real Estate Investments

The partners at CNM have a proud history of producing exceptional returns from real estate investments. We offer a variety of investment strategies designed to drive up value in our real estate investments. We invest in income-producing and capital- appreciating properties in office, retail, industrial, and multi-occupancy residential and mixed-use developments.
Real estate investments may be prone to longer investment holding periods but there are significant benefits to adding real estate to a portfolio. These benefits include: diversification; cash/yield generation; risk reduction, and inflation-hedging capabilities.

With its deep knowledge and significant network of key industry participants, CNM is able to maximize the value of various real estate assets given most any market environment.

Public Equity, Debt and Commodities–Listed Portfolios

The investment team at CNM uses public equity and debt portfolios for various investing strategies. Since the investment team has no influence or control in the companies within these portfolios, the strategy is typically a simple one of parking idle cash, hedging, or maintaining a stable, long-term balanced portfolio. These portfolios can either be for CNM proprietary accounts or tailored made for NM Investments’ clients.

Given the fact that the majority of opportunities, which cross the radar of CNM are either in emerging markets or in nascent organizations, the investment criteria often times must flexible enough so as to not miss out on a formidable prospect yet disciplined enough to walk away from a deal when the underlying fundamentals do not warrant deploying capital.
Some of the key criteria that the investment teams evaluate are:

  • Market position of the target investment
  • Strength of the management team
  • Longevity of the products/services offered by the target investment
  • External market dynamics and factors
  • Overall strength of the local economies, governments, currencies, population, demographics, etc.
  • Historical financial performance and prospects of future business plans
  • Ability to mitigate risks of investment: capital preservation
  • Clear ability to exit

The investment team of CNM will perform an extensive exercise of due diligence in order to get a firm understanding of the underlying investment and how its investment will behave in the given market. If the team is not adequately comfortable and/or cannot align with the appropriate partner for the investment it will decisively pass on the opportunity.